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Define yourself and focus on what's important | Man's Focus

Marketing, Sales, Business, Money, Cold Calling

Don't Hate The Best Way to Get New Business

Getting new business is tough. A tried and true method has existed for years but many are afraid to wield its power. Become a cold calling expert and 10x your business with some simple tips to get over the fear and to always have the right things to say.
Yoan Ante
Yoan Ante
6 min read
Health, Weight Loss, Dieting, Fasting, Working Out

Can You Get Totally Shredded in 14 Days?

I did an extreme diet for 14 days and exercised like a mad man to try to see how shredded I could get in just 14 days. The results were interesting and this article goes over my experience crash dieting, working out and trying to keep muscle on my frame.
Yoan Ante
Yoan Ante
8 min read
Money, High Income, Business, Marketing, Sales

How My Small Business Broke One Million in Sales Per Year and How You Can Too.

This story actually starts rather humbly. About one year before closing my previous cash for gold business I applied for a business license to haul trash. This article is a general overview about the two major things I did to break a million in sales.
Yoan Ante
Yoan Ante
7 min read
High Income, Job, Business, Money

Becoming a High Income Earner When You Don't Have a Dime.

Most young males dream of having loads of money, a garage full cars and toys, and hordes of women that are attracted to them for their looks and their success. This article is going to lay the ground work for it what it takes to go from earning little or nothing to becoming a high income earner.
Yoan Ante
Yoan Ante
9 min read
Man's Focus, Getting Started

Who am I and What is Man's Focus

Welcome, it's great to have you here. I know that first impressions are important, so I've added a quick introduction into how who I am and what Man's Focus is all about.
Yoan Ante
Yoan Ante
4 min read